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ICCA Membership

The purpose of the alliance is for members to be inter-dependent, to be bound by chords of love and a spirit of sharing thus enabling us to transform lives to the fullest. ICCA aims to bring together members from different streams of Christian camping, to equip people, to bring about a sense of oneness, share best practices and resources. One of the primary aims of each of the member organisations is the spread of the love of Jesus Christ and His transformational power at all times through our service and life.

CCI – ICCA Membership
Indian Christian Camping Association is the newest member of Christian Camping International Worldwide. CCI is an alliance of 20 autonomous associations of Christian camps and camping leaders around the world. These 20 associations serve camps, conferences and camping leaders in 60 countries who minister to 11 million campers annually. ICCA is proud to be a part of the CCI – WI family and thus placing ourselves in the international camping map.

Member benefits – Download our brochure.

List of ICCA Organisations that are Members (in Alphabetical Order):

  1. Angel House
  2. Bethel Trust
  3. Bezsta Mission
  4. Bluerock
  5. Camp Canaan
  6. Camp Revive
  7. Canaan Camp Center
  8. Child Focus India
  9. Christ Community Ministries
  10. Green Pasture Campsite
  11. Hello Adventure
  12. High Field UESI Conference Centre
  13. Jteam
  14. Karnataka Sports Network
  15. Pilgrims Retreat
  16. Pro Vision India
  17. Rock Salt
  18. Scripture Union
  19. The Fishermen Trust