ICCA-HoneyRock International Leaders Program Partnership

The Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College, Ilinois, USA.

HoneyRock, the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College, exists to build Christ’s church and benefit society worldwide by fostering the development of whole and effective people through transformational outdoor experiences.

What is the International Leaders Program?

  • A camp leadership development program running from mid-May to mid-August which utilizes HoneyRock’s summer Leadership Schools for Students programs to offer training and practicum opportunities for the International Leader.
  • It is intended for
    • International leaders with the potential to impact camp (or leadership) ministry in their regions, specific camps, churches, organizations.
    • Leaders committed to applying skills and experience gained in ministry involvement back home for at least two years following program participation.
    • Leaders recommended by their churches, camps or organizations, preferably associated and confirmed by Christian Camping International associations or affiliates.

The Process in India: 

    • Applications must be received by the ICCA Board on or before 10th October 2022 by using this   Application Form which has to be returned to the Chairperson by email. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
    • In  October:  Honeyrock invites applications for summer employment at HoneyRock to those that have been endorsed by ICCA Board.
    • HoneyRock makes decisons about applicants and then in November – March: immigration paperwork is undertaken for successful applicants.
    • Participate in the Leadership Schools for Students early May to late August.  Applicants must commit in writing to participate in the program the entire time.
    • Applicants:
  • Must be proposed by camp related organization from their country, preferably associated or verifiable by CCI associations or affiliates.
  • Must get approval from the Global Initiatives Team at HoneyRock
  • Go through the application process for summer positions at HoneyRock


  • This is a HoneyRock/sending organization partnership. Individuals who are not sent by organizations recognized via Wheaton or CCI networks will be unsuccessful.
  • International Leader and sending organizations raise their airfare and consular charges – including the SEVIS (summer work/travel and camp counselors) and visa fees
  • HoneyRock assists with acquisition of a DS2019 necessary for a J-1 Visa, room and board while at the camp.
  • The Leader commits to
    • working through the summer,
    • returning to their home country within two months of leaving HoneyRock,
    • applying their experience in ministries there for at least the following two years.

For more information, see HoneyRock’s Website.


The International Leaders Program offers a number of potential learning streams.

For a comparison of two of the progarms side by side (2016 given as example) please click here.

SLS – Summer Leadership School

Interested in experiencing authentic community, discovering your leadership strengths, and receiving individualized coaching and mentoring? Excited about participating in kingdom ministry, helping youth and young adults come to know Christ? Learn more about SLS and experience an unforgettable summer.

SALT – School of Adventure Leadership Training

We want to prepare you for a career in outdoor leadership. This three-month program equips you with the hard and soft skills necessary to be a professional in the field of adventure ministry. You will gain a strong foundation in the areas of wilderness leadership, adventure ministry, and faith formation. Taking part in this program means entering into an intentional development process that combines industry-standard training with real-life ministry experience.